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Pasadena Sewer Main Line Cleanouts

Pasadena Sewer Main Line Cleanouts

How Modern Plumbing Technology Can Save You Hundreds When Your Main Sewer Line Breaks

If you’ve had some problems with the drains in your home not flowing well and it doesn’t seem to be anything close or there’s a sunken area near the house with a foul odor, that is quite possibly a broken main sewer line. In many neighborhoods these lines can be quite old, 40 to 50 years, and made of iron pipe which eventually rusts. Another indicator, if you live in a big city, is rats suddenly coming out of burrows in your yard for no apparent reason. Most likely these rats are coming up from the main sewer line and escaping through a break or hole in your pipe then burrowing to the surface. Most professional plumbers such as Razor Rooter have special smoke generators with which they can easily diagnose this kind of problem by blowing smoke down the hole and seeing where it comes out.

Depending on how deep your main sewer line is buried, this can turn into quite a major undertaking of digging a trench from your house down to the main sewer line underneath the street. If you have a basement, that has drains in the floor, then most likely your sewer pipe will be at least as deep as the lowest drain in your basement and go downhill to the main sewer pipe in the street. If this problem has just recently arisen you may have a little bit of time before the pipe completely collapses and your drain is totally blocked.

One important caution that you need to be aware of is that any sewage backup that happens in your home, as a result of a sudden problem with your main sewage line, could possibly be covered by your homeowners insurance. Then if some of your personal property is damaged it will cover that, but never cover the cost of fixing the pipe itself. However, if you knew the pipe was damaged and failed to make repairs in a timely manner, your insurance will not cover any damage to your personal property at all.

A major cause of sewer line blockage is the roots from nearby trees, however you should be aware that the only way these roots can access your sewer line is if it already has a break in it. Even though there are chemicals you can add to your sewer that will clear out these tree roots, it’s only a matter of time until they grow back. These chemicals are fairly expensive and only last for a short period of time, it is quite possible to spend more money on the chemicals in the long run than the cost of actually repairing the pipe. A quick call to Razor Rooter will bring a servicemen to your home that can diagnose whether or not you only have roots or a breakage in your line using modern video cameras.

Many modern plumbers, such as Razor Rooter, have the ability to clean out roots that are blocking a pipe, then repair the breakage in the pipe with epoxy, without ever having to dig up the sewer line. These kinds of modern surgical repairs can save the homeowner many hundreds of dollars with modern technology. The only way to know for sure is to give the professionals a chance to inspect your problem, diagnose the cause, and write you an estimate.

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