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Razor Rooter plumbers can install a ground level clean-out in your yard. Click “Specials” for promotional offers.

What is a Clean Out?

A clean out is an access point for your main sewer line, located in the front yard, or backyard. It’s a short length of pipe with a rubber cap that normally sticks up a little out of the ground, that connects directly to your underground sewer pipe. When a plumber comes to snake out your sewer pipe, all he needs to do is remove the cap on the clean-out and start feeding his cable into the pipe.

Clean-outs are a much better way to ensure proper cleaning of your pipes, they allow entry of a Razor Rooter cutting blade with the same diameter as the drain line itself. With the correct cutter blade, the interior wall of the drain line can be completely scraped and cleaned as years of sewage, mineral, and Roots, are removed. Once the line is cleaned, the line has optimal drainage potential, and is also a sanitary way of cleaning your homes mainline sewer. It is also more cost effective in the long run than having to pay us to take an extra step to reach your sewer pipe.

What extra step, you might ask? Well, for example, we would most likely need to remove your toilet and feed our cable into the pipe that it is fitted to, in order to reach your clogged sewer. Then you will have to pay the cost of removing and then resetting your toilet. This could lead to additional costs, depending on the condition of your toilet flange, in addition to the cost of cabling out your sewer pipe. Dont forget about all the sanitary mess as a result.

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